Digital Channel Marketing Strategy

If you are planning advertising your products using the digital tools, you should highly consider having a digital channel marketing strategy. This is because having a strategy comes with a number of advantages. One advantage is that the strategy helps you in having a direction. With the digital strategy you have strategic goals of the things that you want to achieve within a given amount of time.

For example, you can have a goal of gaining 1000 followers within a period of three months. Since you have your goals in place, you put in the required efforts and resources in order to realize the goals. Another advantage of having a strategy is that you know your online market share.

The strategies that you have allow you to research the customer demands for online services and as a result you understand your marketplace and the nature of your target customers.
Having a digital strategy also allows you to be integrated. Experts agree that digital media works best when integrated with the traditional media and response channels; therefore, by having your strategies integrated your marketing efforts are more effective.

How to develop a digital channel strategy
Since it's important that you have a digital channel strategy, it's paramount that you know how to develop a channel strategy. The first thing that you need to do in developing the strategy is to plan. Here you need to define what you are hoping to achieve for your product or service. To get you started, you need to take stock of all the aspects of your product or service and then analyze the following factors of your product: presence, resonance, influence, perception, and virality.
After analyzing the above factors, you should formulate your message. When formulating your message you should ask yourself a number of questions such as: what is my message telling my target customers? What emotions does my message evoke? How does the message incite action on behalf of my product? After creating your message you should choose the best digital platforms that you should use. When choosing the platform, you should consider the customers that you want to reach.

As rule of thumb you should use the platform that is mostly used by your target customers. For example, if most of your target customers use phones, you should consider using SMS as your marketing platform. After choosing your ideal platform you should send the message to the people that you are targeting. To determine if your efforts have been successful, you should make use of social listening tools that will help you in getting insights on how your campaign is performing.


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